If you have a business that sells IT products and you still have not found a profitable way of promoting them on Instagram, you have come to the right place. This social network is today much more than a means of sharing pictures of your food. It is the go-to channel for attracting potential customers. If you want to get a share of the pie, you can use SocialBoss.org and the following exclusive tips to reel your followers in and boost your sales!


Selling IT products might be easy, but promoting them always requires a bit of effort. When you choose to advertise them on Instagram you must make sure that their presentation is impeccable. You must have heard that the pictures you upload there need to be perfect. That is correct, but it will take more than a nicely edited image to convince your followers to buy the products.

There are millions of businesses promoting their products on Instagram, and a great deal of them may very well be in your IT sector. If you want to have a competitive advantage over your peers, you will need to optimize everything about your posts. These details include the title, the description, and the hashtags. Make sure that they are relevant and catchy to grab the user’s attention and increase your chances of selling the products.


Instagram has a few features that should help you enhance the attractiveness of your posts. One of them is Instagram Stories, which are 15-second clips that you can use to promote the IT products in your offer.

Use Insta stories to offer short presentations of your latest releases. Add how-to videos that explain how they work and include links to your webshop. If you already enjoy a large following for your account, you can offer discount promotions and time-limited cost reductions for the first 10, 20 or 100 buyers.


In recent years, Instagram has shifted its attention from accommodating regular users to helping businesses develop easily and quickly. In this regard, they have employed a new strategy that enables you to promote your products in a direct manner.

The Instagram shopping feature lets you put price tags for the IT products in your posts. It also lets you insert links to your online shop through Shopify. You can even create entire shopping galleries and make your followers feel like they are on a welcoming webshop. You can use these options to enhance the shoppable aspect of your feed.


Multi-channeling is an advertising technique that enables you to post the same promotional content on various social media channels at the same time. It is highly effective, and still, you can go against the current by posting Instagram-only offers for your followers.

This strategy works best if you also want to enhance your audience on Instagram. All you need to do is simply make a discount offer for one of your IT products, post it on several social networks, but make the price reduction available only for those who follow your Insta profile. This method should help you attract more potential customers and subsequently more buyers.


Many times, people choose to purchase a product not only because they need it or want it, but because an influencer recommends it. The influencer industry is booming and companies try to get their products and services showcased by people who have a convincing effect on their large audiences.

If you want to promote IT products on Instagram, you need to get these influencers behind you. In this regard, you can contact the most important ones in your sector and ask them to talk about the products that you sell. To convince them to do it, you can even send them free samples or entire products as gifts in exchange for a convincing presentation from them.


Last, but not least, if you have Instagram followers that have already purchased your IT products, ask them to leave reviews in their posts. Their honest testimonials will attract the attention and interest of other users and increase both your audience and your sales.